Vice Admiral S’rell



Name S’rell
Rank: Vice Admiral
Species: Vulcan
Class: Star Fleet Science Officer

U.S.S. Pathfinder


Name U.S.S. Pathfinder
Registry Number: NCC-92654-E
Launch Date: Stardate 87778.59
Ship Class: Reconnaissance Science Vessel

Star Fleet Dedication Plaque 


Senior Officers

GirotIcon First Officer: Cmd. Girot
DrIrklaIcon Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Irkla
DevraIcon Security Chief: Cmd. Devra
KiphytIcon Chief Engineer Cmd. Kiphyt 

Bridge Officers

(Click to Enlarge)


New Desktop 9/13/10

(Click to enlarge)

Modified Desktop and sent to CafePress

(click to enlarge)

CafePress can put your original artwork on things.
I am ordering a Black T-shirt with this desktop I made.


One response

4 09 2010
TWO PROMOTIONS THIS WEEK « Pathfinder's Federation Log

[…] S’rell has been promoted to Vice Admiral […]

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