Who I am (STO)

Accessing Pathfinder’s Personnel Record


STO Captains

  • Vice Admiral S’rell- Captain U.S.S. Pathfinder (NCC-92654-E)
  • Captain Punch Card Rear Admiral Punch Card-  U.S.S. Path2Follow (NCC-911011-E)
  •  Captain Garren- Captain U.S.S.Path2Find (NCC-92027-C)
  • Lt Cmd Querg  Lt Cmd Querg- Captain U.$.$.Path2Profit (NCC-99887-B)

Gaming Resume:

Star Trek Online

    • Playing since Pre-Order Opening (Lifetime Member)
    • Member of Knights Templar Fleet

Freelancer Universe (Various Servers):

    • Freight Ship Captain-Pathfinder Freight Lines
    • Flew with the Asylum 51 Group

Guild Wars World

    • Paragon (Joan of Asylum) less than 50% completed Nightfall
    • Guild Asylum 51

Vendetta OnLine Space

    • Independent Trader/Miner

Other Worlds

    • Spore
    • Many Space empire building games
    • SimCity since vers 2000, yes even Societies
    • Cities XL
    • The Sims since original

Real Life:

    • Age: 49 (and feeling it)
    • Live: Far suburbs of St Louis, MO (USA)
    • Work: Network Programmer
    • Status: Married no Children
        I play at least a couple hours every night, Days off are Sun/Mon so will be on more those days. Average to below average in my fighting skills. Age and work have damage my hands. But the 7 button gaming mouse helps make up for it. Like some RP, I have played orignal RP games like D&D 2nd edition and the Original Traveler. (in the 80s) Music: Billy Joel, Easy Rock, Contemporary Christian. Love to read Sci Fi Favorite: Amber Series, Dragon Riders of Pern, Harry Potter. Favorite movies: 2009 Star Trek, Star Wars Original, Avatar, Silent Running. Favorite TV: Any thing set in the Star Trek Universe (TOS the Best), Heros (NBC), many other Sci Fi shows. 




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