12 more images in the Gallery

14 02 2011

Twelve new images placed on the Screen Shots page.  Pictures include the new Space Dock 1, shuttles: Delta Flier and Type 8 and assorted action shots from Officers of this command.



Garren premoted to Commander

29 01 2011

Lt Cmd Garrren has received a promotion to Commander.  She has been assigned her next command the NCC-92027-C Path2Find.  This is Garren’s third command. She will receive all the duties, responsibilities  and privileges that come with her new rank. 

Cmd Garren has been granted a page in these logs. https://pathfinderfl.wordpress.com/stotoons/garren/


Archive pages added

31 12 2010

 Historical Records Page was added to give access to Log Archives

A menu page has been added that gives access to the archives each month is shown with the quantity of posts.  Clicking on the name of the month displays the posts.


Desktop Image for Querg

24 12 2010

  New desktop image for LtCmd Querg has been created and added to his page.

Seven More Images in Gallery

27 11 2010

Seven more images from within the STO game have been added to the Screen Shots Gallery!


Querg’s Page Started!

19 11 2010

New page created for

Lieutenant Commander Querg.

Querg and his crew search the galaxy for Profit. No job is to small as long as it pays.

The quote on the ship’s plaque says it best.



‘The Riskier the Road, The Greater the Profit’

62nd Rule of Acquisition

It is very risky in space.


Knights Templar Celebrates Two Years

13 11 2010

 Friday, November 12, 2010.

To mark this occasion new boards were open to the membership.  The splash page is shown here and can be seen on-line at

Special Thanks to all who put in such hard work to get these boards setup and opened.

Knights Templar is a Star Trek Online Fleet dedicated to the same values as the original Knights Templar. The Knights offer a casual gaming environment for the mature player. The Knights have an active presence in Star Trek Online with both PVE and PVP players. They are hosting the second PVP event for STO Fleets.

Knights Templar is planning a presence in the new Star Wars: The Old Republic. They also have members that play such games as Champions Online and Lord of the Rings Online.