I, Querg P Quigel

26 02 2011

Lt Cmd Querg am a fourth son of a fourth son. I had no inheritance and had been told since my youth, that I did not have the “lobes” to succeed. Realizing there was no Profit for me in Ferengi Society, I set my sites elsewhere.

The Rules of Acquisition were my guide to where my profit laid. The Seventy-fifth Rule of Acquisition states “Home is where the heart Read the rest of this entry »


Desktop Image for Querg

24 12 2010

  New desktop image for LtCmd Querg has been created and added to his page.

Querg’s Page Started!

19 11 2010

New page created for

Lieutenant Commander Querg.

Querg and his crew search the galaxy for Profit. No job is to small as long as it pays.

The quote on the ship’s plaque says it best.



‘The Riskier the Road, The Greater the Profit’

62nd Rule of Acquisition

It is very risky in space.