New Punch Card LCARS

4 10 2011

Stardate 89361.91

Rear Admiral Punch Carded debuted the Path2Follow’s new computer system.  The new system is based on the work by Vice-Admiral S’rell on the PATH-LCARS System he customized for the 235th fleet.  The Rear Admiral was heard to say that this long awaited change will increase the Human-machine interface aboard her ship.  She is making all efforts to continue the implementation through out the fleet.


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Two Promotions in July

17 07 2011

Stardate 88808.41

Vice Admiral S’rell announces two promotions under his command.  After doubling their efforts in the past weeks.  Commander Garren has been promoted to Captain. Captain Punch Card have been promoted to Rear Admiral. 

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4 09 2010

Congratulations to Vice Admiral S’rell

         and Captain Punch Card

For all the service rendered to the Federation in their careers in Star Fleet

Their responsibilities and privileges of their new ranks take effect immediately.

Congratulations and Good Luck.

Star Fleet Command


Desktop for Punch Card’s, Ship and Crew Added

25 08 2010

Added a desktop image to Punch Card’s page of her current Ship and Crew.

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Page Started for Punch Card

22 08 2010

A Page has been started for Commander Punch Card click this link or her picture on the side of the page. 

Commander Punch Card


Page includes a new Star Fleet Dedication Plaque. 

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