New Punch Card LCARS

4 10 2011

Stardate 89361.91

Rear Admiral Punch Carded debuted the Path2Follow’s new computer system.  The new system is based on the work by Vice-Admiral S’rell on the PATH-LCARS System he customized for the 235th fleet.  The Rear Admiral was heard to say that this long awaited change will increase the Human-machine interface aboard her ship.  She is making all efforts to continue the implementation through out the fleet.


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DEBUT of Path-LCARS Personnel Screen

9 08 2011

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Stardate 89161.70

Vice Admiral S’rell debuted the Path-LCARS  system.   LCARS stands for Library Computer Access/Retrieval System.  This version was modified by the 235th subfleet.  It reflects the changes made to all onboard systems in the subfleet.

Inspired by DragonTheFlame‘s LCARS screen seen on page 40 of the   Show your crew thread on the STO forums.  Path-LCARS is set up as a template.  This will allow the other tabs to be used to show other Ship Captains in the subfleet.



23 07 2011

Stardate 89108.35

Vice Admiral S’rell announces the new IDIC Initiative that has begun aboard the U.S.S. Pathfinder.  In an effort to celebrate the diversity in the Universe, five new ensigns have transferred aboard the Pathfinder.  Some of these crew represent the very races that the federation has been fighting against.  Others are just a unique representative from the many races that make up the Federation.

With the addition of these ensigns the Pathfinder has been reassigned from the Borg Front to Deep Space Exploration and Discovery. It is hoped that the variety of officers aboard the ship will allow the Pathfinder to deal with any situations that may arise in deep space.

Top Row


  • Aenar
  • Science (Medical)

Two of Five

  • Liberated Borg
  • Engineer


  • Caitian
  • Tactical (Section 31)

Bottom Row


  • Reman
  • Science


  • Breen
  • Tactical


Two Promotions in July

17 07 2011

Stardate 88808.41

Vice Admiral S’rell announces two promotions under his command.  After doubling their efforts in the past weeks.  Commander Garren has been promoted to Captain. Captain Punch Card have been promoted to Rear Admiral. 

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Warp Analysis Results

7 07 2011

Received an interesting report analysing Warp Speed.  This was sent by an unknown scientist, but may prove to be very useful. 


April Screen Shots

1 05 2011

Starting May off with thirteen screen shots from April.  These shots include the Original Enterprise, Ship and interior.  It also includes a few shots from the last featured episode.

These new screen shots along with many more can be seen on the Screen Shots Page.


I, Querg P Quigel

26 02 2011

Lt Cmd Querg am a fourth son of a fourth son. I had no inheritance and had been told since my youth, that I did not have the “lobes” to succeed. Realizing there was no Profit for me in Ferengi Society, I set my sites elsewhere.

The Rules of Acquisition were my guide to where my profit laid. The Seventy-fifth Rule of Acquisition states “Home is where the heart Read the rest of this entry »